Saturday, January 30, 2010

Soda 3

The third soda was...
The first orange cream soda of the bunch.

Virgil's soda comes from the company REED's Inc. Which started with all natural ginger soda's. They now have many flavors of ginger sodas, energy elixers, ginger candy, ginger ice creams, Virgil's sodas(which are all the classic soda flavors), China Cola(cola with special chinese herbs), and sparking juice drinks, and are very proud of all their products. Ginger ice cream sounds very interesting, as does a rasberry ginger soda. Hmmm...

Check out their website:

They were very very wordy about how they made this soda, and how amazing it is. Like it was you'll think it was 'made in heaven.'

I'm starting to realize that since I grew up on orange sodas made with everything but natural ingredients that its actually a little hard for me to equate the 'natural flavors orange soda' with the 'orange soda' flavor I know, and that might be throwing off my judgement of 'good' or 'bad'.
So I'd say this soda was just too rich for me. I also felt like the vanilla cream and the orange flavors didn't mix together well. I wonder now if I maybe should've slightly shaken it before I opened it, but the thought of shaking a soda is something you always stray away from.
It did smell really good if that helps. haha


Momma Nic said...

Heavenly Soda? I need to check my scriptures. tee hee

Cat said...

Man, I hope some are good. If not, there's plenty more to try!