Friday, January 1, 2010

The Kel Project!

This Christmas I received a really fun present from B&C.
Twelve bottles of vintage orange/orange cream soda!

Pretty, huh?

They all are so interesting and unique, like they each have their own story, that I thought it would be fun to not just guzzle'em all down but give each of them some special attention. To make sure I have time to really savor each one, and then write a blog about'em - what I think about the flavor, any info I can find on each company, and of course photos of all the bottle details. Ending of course with which one in my favorite! ;)

So be on the lookout for some yummy orange soda posts over the next few weeks! Mmmm I can't wait!

PS. I'm jokingly calling it the "Kel Project" because of a show I watched as a kid called Kenan and Kel. Kel was was obsessed with orange soda(as you can see in the clip below) so it just seemed fitting, since it was the first thing I thought of when I saw all that orange soda! heheh


Wenona said...

Funny clip! Can't wait to hear about each orange soda.

jenibug said...

"Have you been lugging those around with you all week?" haha
This is going to be a fun project!