Saturday, January 16, 2010

Soda 2

Soda #2 was...

Route 66 Soda is a company from Wilmington, Illinois, that got their start creating Root Beer way back in 1996. Their sodas can be found in establishments along the Historic Route 66, as well through out those states the Highway runs though. Makes me want to watch the movie "Cars". :)
Want more information? Check out their website.
They even have a "Root Beer" recipe section,
anybody want some Root Beer pancakes??

As for flavor this was just a good basic orange soda, nothing to rave or complaint about - just yum. If I was traveling Historic Route 66 I'd definitely pick up one. ;)

It's no wonder they're...


Cat said...

Just goes to show you can't tell how good it'll be from the packaging or the company pedigree!

Wenona said...

I thought such a famous brand would be exceptionally good.
btw: Didn't get a chance to tell you in church today. I love your hair.

jenibug said...

This makes me want to go drive along Route 66 in the desert too!