Thursday, January 14, 2010

Julie and Julia revisited.

A few months ago. Tom and I had a date night. We went and saw, Julie and Julia. The movie that highlights the life of Julia Child, before she was Julia Child. And Julie, a women who learns a lot about herself in the attempt to cook every recipe in Julia's cookbook, The Art of Mastering French Cooking. I was so taken by this movie, that I purchased, Julia's book, My Life in France. It was inspired by all the letters that Julia and her husband wrote to their siblings. Since no one threw these old letters away, it was a great resource for the book. This touched me of course because of all the "old letters" that I have gone through. They are truly amazing. I also read Julia Powell's book, Julie and Julia, the story of her cooking through the cookbook and blogging about it.

This past Christmas was my, Julie and Julia year. I got a rolling pin from Tom - I have been without one for 5 years. (Yep, since the flood) I haven't really "needed" one. When I did I would use a glass. It worked fine. But I would say it was so nice having a rolling pin again. It was fitting that Tom gave it to me. His Mother gave me the one I lost at one of my bridal showers, how we all laughed when it was discovered that Tom's Mother gave me "the weapon".
I also got the movie, Julie and Julia. I have watched it twice already. It is really fun to watch. I think the food itself has a starring role. Catherine gave me the cookbook, The Art of Mastering French Cooking. Wow, what a large book. I had fun looking at it the other day. Then I wondered, could I cook a recipe one a month from this book. Hmmmm. I think I could. So in honor of Julia Child, I will give it a try. Don't expect the Lobster dish tho, that ain't gonna happen. So for the year 2010, I will cook a Julia Child recipe once a month.

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Tammy said...

i love it! i can't wait to hear how your recipes turn out. (i wouldn't try the lobster one either...ew.)