Sunday, May 18, 2008

Old Photo Sunday

Three beautiful ladies enjoying a day at Solvang with their Mom/Grandma(Gram was taking the picture) in 1989. This was a fun day out. Gram and Nora went into a toy store and Nora looked around and eventually picked up a Minnie Mouse doll. Gram asked Nora if she would like to take Minnie home, a huge smile came over Nora's face and that is how Minnie Mouse came to live with us. What was really a fun memory for me is that we realized that at the end of the day if we left really quickly we could be home in time to watch the movie, Die Hard on the TV. We had a fun time getting home, and watching a hang on to your seat movie at the end of this fun day

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Here's a picture of Mom and me going down a slide in the Carl's Jr in Filmore in the early '90's. I remember this same day she helped me get over the fear of a very different slide that was also in that playground - she's always been there for me to help me through the hard times, and of course (like this picture) to share the good times with. =D

Love you Mommy!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Its great to all be together again!

Yup another post of how nice it is to have Ben and Catherine back - hope you're not sick of reading about them(or yourselves haha) yet. hahah

Its always a party when all us sibs are together. We always have fun making fun of eachother, quoting everything under the sun(practically), and making the whole family laugh/pretend they don't know us. haha Its good to have the whole group again. :)

Its also way fun to have the "Snowflake Sisters"(a very secret club we made up the Christmas before Ben and Catherine were married.)back. This group is also filled with lots of crazy moments, quoting, and laughs, along with chickflick movie nights and the ever popular DDR parties. ;)Snowflake Sisters 4life! haha

So yet again its sooo great you have you guys back and I can't wait for all da crazy moments! heh
:) *hug*

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Old Photo Sunday

Today's Photos are to commemorate Ben being back home. This is a picture of Jennifer and Ben when we brought him home from the hospital. Look how happy Jennifer is.
This photo is also of Ben but also his Uncle John. They are flying a kite just a few years back. Notice that both Ben and Uncle John are holding on to the handle of a fishing pole. It made a wonderful way to manage the kite string until...a good gust of wind flew in and the kite and pole flew up in the air, everyone took off running to catch it, but it just flew up and over a house. We never saw that fishing pole again.

This past week Uncle John retired from work. He now has time to teach alot of children to fly a kite. Happy Retirement Uncle John!