Friday, February 29, 2008

Flood Survivors Friday

Flood Survivors - Fridays will list an item that survived our Flood of 05. Bear with us during Fridays, I think these posts will be more for our family, to take a temporal inventory as it were. It will be nice to be "on this side" so to speak, producing I hope a gratitude.
Today's items are two things:

Violets and Chrystal Candlesticks.


The violets not only survived the flood but, they survived in the original spot that they were planted in. Amazing considering how much every thing either floated away or was covered with mud and debris. These violets were even blooming the morning we left the Hut. It was so comforting to see these little guys continue to bloom during those first few months after the flood, they gave us a small sense of Normal. These Violets are special to us. They came from our first neighbor, Ma Mc Coy, she was 81 yearswhen we moved in. She had an amazing patch of Violets, and I would see her sitting on her bottom, picking violets, large bouquets to put in her small humble trailer home. She taught me when picking violets not to hold them in your hand, but to lay them gently on the ground. The violet stem is so tender, the heat from your hand would wilt them quicker. Its the way I pick them today.

The Chrystal Candlesticks:

These candlesticks are a present my Mom and Dad received on their wedding. They were in every celebration that our family had. To me they were sacred. Mom gave the candlesticks, and I treasured their memory of my childhood, but also that they were part of my children's life. The morning of the flood, our dirt driveway was only usable by foot, our church family began unloading the house quickly taking everything down the road to a safe spot. Moving in a" second" produces lots of packing options. These candle sticks, traveled out of our home, and down the road a half mile and then given to me in a grocery store bag. As some one took them out of the truck and walked them over to me, all I could hear was a very familiar sound, clunk clunk clunk. I knew immediately what was in that bag, that sound was heard many times when the candlesticks bumped into each other, that was a sound we didn't want to hear. But that morning, I nervously looked in the bag to see, what was left of the candlesticks. They were fine, perfectly fine. As I said these are sacred to me and they will always have a special spot in my heart.

Happy February 29th~

I can't remember why we have leap years. I know I knew at one point, and I know I thought it was strange then as well. I guess I'll have to look it up again. But none the less happy once every four years day! hah I was contemplating that though eariler today and I realized that the last Leap Year, four years ago, was 2004, my senior year in High School!! Then I felt really old. haha I tried to remember what I might have been doing on that special dissappearing day, but my memories from before the flood have become a little fuzzy so I went searching for my journal from that year but I can't find it! Although I probably was too busy or stressed with school to write at that time, but still it bothers me because it just seems to add to how everytime I try to post so far it comes out a bit pointless. Just hasn't been my week - hopefully I'll get a rhythm down over the next few weeks, Mom seems to be pretty focused though, eh? So at least the start of this blog isn't a totally bust. haha Okay I'll stop self bashing, its just so easy to do in writing sometimes, 'especially on a blog, which can become rant city if you let it. hahaha I apolgize now though, I ALWAYS ramble. haha
So anyway enjoy this odd day, which I'm hoping is my unlucky day, 'cause then I wouldn't have to deal with another one again for another four years! Whooo!
I always feel bad for kids born on this day - always a cool scifi plot though.

Until next update!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

For lack of thought process.. becomes Wacky Wednesday.
Brought to you by nY, either a silly photo ooor silly video like today. :)
Please enjoy some snowing Dippin' Dots. hahah

[Edit:] PS. Next time there will be a story that goes along with the photo or video, I'll be more focused, and you won't be left hanging so - I promise. hahahaha

Monday, February 25, 2008

Looking at all our Gifts

Recently we had 2 China Berry trees fall. This in addition to all the trees we lost in the flood, hit us hard. These trees we planted ourselves, from small starts that had come for each of our Mothers. We planted them on the sunny side of the ole Quonset, giving us protection from the sun. Being as the Quonset had a tin roof, and our summers can get to 100 plus degrees, were were grateful for every inch they grew and every leaf they put on over the past 27 years. Even tho their spring time blooms would be brought into the house on young childrens shoes, it was a small price to pay for their delectable shade.
When they fell, they left and amazing hole in our heart. Since the flood the landscape around here changed dramatically. So to see more trees fall, just hurt. It took us about 2 weeks to clean them all up, but the process certainly gave us time to say good-bye, or did we say good-bye. We soon learned that those 2 trees were still giving. We have a huge pile of firewood for the fireplace, and outdoor pit. The smaller twigs are in a pile drying and will be used as kindling some day, and even the piles of sawdust that was created by the chainsaw will be saved and used as a mulch on Tom's Blueberry Plants. The sawdust has the right Ph for the Blueberries, I am lucky that Tom knows these things. The only thing that we didn't use was the actual berries, My MIL, Elnora used to make necklaces and bracelets from the Chinaberry berries. All in all the gift of those trees has been amazing and I am truly grateful. Ny

Sunday, February 24, 2008

We're Here!

NY*squared is official on the blogisphere(?)!
What we're going to do with this newfound power...who knows?
But we might figure it out soon so be on the lookout! :)
Ny and nY! ;)