Thursday, January 21, 2010

Later in the day...

In many ways this was a much quieter day. In other ways not so QUIET! Around 6 pm we had a nice thunder storm roll over us. When it started, 2 cats and 1 dog were in the house. Which proved interesting because not one of them liked it. Then I realized that one cat was still outside. So when I went out onto the porch, I expected to have to look for him, but no, he was sitting on the railing just waiting for the next flash. Everyone is so different, even in the animal world. When the hail started pelting against the house, everyone got extra excited, except Tamaki. Eventually it stopped and all seemed to settle down. So I took a breather and sat on the couch. A few moments later the pillow that I was leaning on started to move. Aaaagh! It was just Quincy, hiding from all the noise.
We did get another inch of rain today. Bringing the total since Monday to 8 inches. I sure hope you are all dry where you are, or at least you found a dry spot, or you were able to find a pillow to hide under til it all passed.

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Cat said...

It was the same at our place. Odie was freaked out and Addie was up on the window sill enjoying the show.