Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Visits from Bob

This is a picture of Marc's pet spider named Bob. He's a very mischevious spider who lives for a good surprise. This week he decided it would be fun to suprise me by waiting in the bathtub(as you can see in the picture) to scare me when I went to take a shower. I gasped, jumped back, said "That's not funny!" and then muttered something about the 'spider striking again' then went about my business.

After this he felt very proud of himself, and decided to take a break and go into hiding for a while, but was soon hit by boredom again and found himself another great waiting spot hoping to scare Dad this time. He knew how much Poppa Tom likes his milk in the morning. The only setback was that he forgot how cold it was going be waiting in the fridge all night!! He was a little let down to only get laughs for what he had endured, but still any response to him is the sign of a job well done. *wink*
So watch out, 'cause Bob just might decide to visit your house next!


Cat said...

Who knew a story about a stalking spider could be so funny! I laughed so hard! I can't wait to get a visit from Bob myself. Tee hee!

jenibug said...

Bob was getting himself prepared for his long travels on a bus with a witch, an ex-con, and North/South man, driven by a student driver! haha