Sunday, April 20, 2008

Old Photo Sunday

This is Mom and Dad circa 1969. Nick and Elaine Scharf. They are at my Grandma's house, my Dad's Mom, for one of their Sunday visits. Sunday visits were a constant in our house. Both my Grandparents lived close by so to visit one or both on a Sunday was quite common as I grew up. This photo of my parents captures a very happy moment in time. These two people, Nick and Elaine created a very special world for me and my Brothers to grow up in. I bet we wish, my brothers and I that we could visit them each Sunday. Thanks Mom and Dad, Thanks Grandparents.


jenibug said...

Gram looks so cute, like a teenage girl with her boyfriend. Grandpa looks shy and you can see how much he loves her. Thank you for posting this.

C&B Young said...

This picture sure got to my emotions. I agree with jenibug. It really shows how much they Love each other. The more I thought about it the more chocked up I became. It was a very sweet post.

jenibug said...

Sounds like B and I had exactly the same experience from seeing this photo. It took me a day to be able to comment on it without being too emotional.