Monday, April 7, 2008

This Radish is for you Dad.

Today is my Dad's Birthday. Even tho he is no longer with us, April 7 doesn't get by without us remembering him. He gave us so much to remember him by. But today its the radishes. When I was about 8 to 10 I went thru a gardening phase, planted my own garden. I remember spading the small plot of ground and making little rows for my seeds. One day as my Dad came home from work, he saw me in my garden and said, " boy I sure hope your planting radishes, I just Love them." And he did too, he ate radishes dipped in salt with most of his meals. So of course I said, "Sure Dad I would plant radishes." So the day came and all my rows were planted and staked, and I took a step back and admired the project.
The next morning I awoke to a surprise. Dad waking me up to come out to look in my garden. Overnight my row of radishes not only sprung up but became full fledged plants. I remember being told that radishes came up quick. I remember checking the stake at the end of the row, and sure enough it said radishes. I even wondered if somehow I forgot to pull weeds in a perfectly straight row. But then I saw it, the crooked little smile on my Dad's face when he was joking. He had planted those full grown plants, just to trick me. All the while telling me what a good gardner I was.
Over the years I have thought about this, it was a special time for me and my Dad. As I grew the story became extra sweet when I think of the work that had to be done to accomplish this joke.
So on this April 7, enjoy a radish for my Dad.


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jenibug said...

I love this story. I don't think I ever heard it before. A great birthday tribute. Love you Grandpa!