Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday Flood Survivors

This week the flood survivor is a 36 year old set of " retired"canisters.

These were a wedding present from a family friend to Tom and I in 1972, yep, I am a 70's Mom and proud of it. These canisters went to all 7 houses we have lived in. They survived all 5 of us using them daily. My mind and memory is full of all the use these gave our family. Making pies for the holidays, Kool-aid...lots of Kool-aid, Cookies, filling the sugar bowl, little moments in time and family. I used to worry about them getting broke, but who knew there was a flood in there future. The day of the flood they were in there usual spot which was above the waterline. When we retrieved them from our home they were still standing strong and ready to serve us. But, they were packed away for 2 years, then came the day when these old servants were unpacked and bringing to mind so many memories, as I put them to their retirement spot. All of a sudden we were home.


jenibug said...

I remember something about the glaze or the crockery made the sugar have a very distinctive taste that I've never had anywhere else.

jenibug said...

I swear the last "captcha" I just wrote was very close to FHQWHGADS!