Sunday, April 27, 2008

Old Photo Sunday

This is a photo of the Winn Family. Sarah, Elnora, Ruth, and Jacob all enjoying a 4th of July in the 30's at Covina Park.

Our family has many memories made in Covina Park.

What are some of your memories of Covina Park?


C&B Young said...

Those trees were SMALL compared to how they are today.

jenibug said...

That's a pretty smooth of you to make this post. Did you bring the picture with you?
I have a memory of going to this park with Ben and Gram when he was pretty young. He was sitting on one of playground pieces that was a miniature backhoe that you could "dig" in the sand with and Gram called it a tractor. Ben corrected her and said "No, it's a backhoe!" She was so surprised that he knew exactly what it was!