Monday, March 31, 2008

Shopping Tip

This tip of the week.

Price Book, Price Book, Price Book

In todays markets the main tool to help keep your grocery bill down is your own price book. They are easy to make. Just a small tablet with the pages labled with the alphabet. Then after shopping write down your purchases under each heading, Milk under M, etc. Then note the date and place and price. After a while you'll have quite a few numbers to work with AND against. These numbers help you see truly what is a good deal and where you got it. When I first made one of these it was for Tom to use at Costco, that time I used a small empty address book, I of course put the item in the name portion of the address and just ignored the address etc, and just used the space for the prices. Groceries being one of the most flexible bills, it truly pays to have a system to get the lowest price.

Speaking of the LOWEST price?

What's the lowest price you've found for a carton of salt? Where did you buy it?


Karen said...

Ok Nicki, I am a very visual person. Can you show this to me? It sounds like a great Idea as most of yours are.

Karen E.

Wenona said...

This is a great tip. The only problem is that it would actually require me to 'shop'. lol