Thursday, March 6, 2008

Homegrown Compassion

Well the Momma has been sick this week. Yuck. Lots of coughing and hacking going on here. But there is some very sweet compassion going on as well, which got me to thinking about compassion. How do you learn about it? How do you learn to have it?
** I remember being a young Mom, the day would be at its end and I would be at my end as well. To help my oldest understand, I would build a tower of blocks on the end table. She knew very well what would happen if you stack blocks too high. Soon she would come over to me when I would just put one block up.
** I remember crying when I burnt my sons blanket, yep, burnt it. I had just put a new lining on it, and we proudly took a spin around the block in the stroller and unknowingly the blanket got caught in the wheels, leaving a huge greasy spot, which cleaned up right away. Having no dryer at the time, I put it in the oven on low. Sigh, that new lining had alot of nylon in it and it just melted and burnt. I just fell apart. Then my son came up to me with his blanket, ( it was cooled of by now) offering me his now newly named blanket, Boo-Boo Blanket.
** Then a few years later, another daughter came, giving us small pats on the back to each and everyone of us, at a very early age.
We all have been Blessed

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