Sunday, May 18, 2008

Old Photo Sunday

Three beautiful ladies enjoying a day at Solvang with their Mom/Grandma(Gram was taking the picture) in 1989. This was a fun day out. Gram and Nora went into a toy store and Nora looked around and eventually picked up a Minnie Mouse doll. Gram asked Nora if she would like to take Minnie home, a huge smile came over Nora's face and that is how Minnie Mouse came to live with us. What was really a fun memory for me is that we realized that at the end of the day if we left really quickly we could be home in time to watch the movie, Die Hard on the TV. We had a fun time getting home, and watching a hang on to your seat movie at the end of this fun day

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jenibug said...

Wow! You look too young in that picture to have a teenage daughter! I remember that day so well, it was a blast!