Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Its great to all be together again!

Yup another post of how nice it is to have Ben and Catherine back - hope you're not sick of reading about them(or yourselves haha) yet. hahah

Its always a party when all us sibs are together. We always have fun making fun of eachother, quoting everything under the sun(practically), and making the whole family laugh/pretend they don't know us. haha Its good to have the whole group again. :)

Its also way fun to have the "Snowflake Sisters"(a very secret club we made up the Christmas before Ben and Catherine were married.)back. This group is also filled with lots of crazy moments, quoting, and laughs, along with chickflick movie nights and the ever popular DDR parties. ;)Snowflake Sisters 4life! haha

So yet again its sooo great you have you guys back and I can't wait for all da crazy moments! heh
:) *hug*


jenibug said...

Amen to that sister! Let the craziness begin!

C&B Young said...

And It is great to be back too. Looking forward to many many more fun memories. B.

Cat said...

That's right. And as soon as we're settled (really settled!) the fun will begin. Can't wait!

jenibug said...

yes, but a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down