Sunday, May 4, 2008

Old Photo Sunday

Today's Photos are to commemorate Ben being back home. This is a picture of Jennifer and Ben when we brought him home from the hospital. Look how happy Jennifer is.
This photo is also of Ben but also his Uncle John. They are flying a kite just a few years back. Notice that both Ben and Uncle John are holding on to the handle of a fishing pole. It made a wonderful way to manage the kite string until...a good gust of wind flew in and the kite and pole flew up in the air, everyone took off running to catch it, but it just flew up and over a house. We never saw that fishing pole again.

This past week Uncle John retired from work. He now has time to teach alot of children to fly a kite. Happy Retirement Uncle John!


C&B Young said...

I had forgot all about the fishing pole. I have very faint memories of it dangling away as it went out of sight.

jenibug said...

Everytime I go to the shopping center that is built where that empty field was, I think about that kite flying trip.
Happy Retirement Uncle John!

Cat said...

Look at little Ben. He's so cute!