Sunday, May 30, 2010

Soda Eight

Today’s soda is….


Real Soda.

Looks like Orange tastes like Grape.

I’ve been dreading this soda the most because I grew up taking grape flavored dimatap as a child when I was sick. It was nice at the time to have medicine that tasted like soda, but drinking a soda that tastes like a medicine I used to take just isn’t quite as fun. haha


Moving on…

Real Soda in Real Bottles is a company started in the 80’s by a young man who loved to collect bottle caps and felt very passionate about keep soda in glass bottles where they belong.

He didn’t create this soda though, he just works hard to keep a big store collection of glass bottle sodas.


So as for flavor.

I obviously didn’t like that it was grape. But moving past that it did taste like a really really good soda. Like if I did like grape flavor I definitely would like this soda.
It had a really clear and sweet flavor, just sadly it was grape. haha

Pretty interesting, huh?

Until next time.

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