Monday, April 26, 2010

Soda Seven

Here's lucky soda number Seven.
The only info I have for this Soda is what's on the bottle. Its Empire Bottling Works from Bristol Rhode Island - a company which started in 1930. You'd think by now that everything would have its own website, even its just a fan site, yet all I could find for this soda is places to buy it online(all which were sold out. haha)

I'm not really sure why a soda called "Empire Soda" would have a muffin/cupcake on the top, but it sure is cute! :)

As for flavor it was nothing to rave about, but definitely still yummy.

The bottle cap also told you how to remove itself... the extent of even showing you the direction to twist it. haha

This was also the first bottle cap to have writing on the inside. I can't seem to find any connection between Oop! Juice (carbonated) and Empire soda... So I'm guess they're just the company that printed the muffin/cupcake on the bottle cap for Empire soda.
Here's what I found for OOP! Juice:
Thanks for reading! ♥

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Momma Nic said...

That bottle sure has alot of "useless' info for sure. Great Post! Twist. tee hee