Monday, February 22, 2010

Kel Project - Soda Four

Today's Soda is...

The Nesbitt's company was founded in 1924 and they made syrups for soda fountains as well as ice cream toppings. In 1927 they created their orange soda and around 1938 they started bottling sodas, orange and other flavors. Nesbitt's Orange soda gained a lot of popularity even becoming the official 'orange drink' at Disneyland from its opening in 1955 and into the 60's.
Check out their website for more info and interesting facts -

I liked this soda a lot! Definitely my favorite so far, lots of good orange soda flavor in that bottle. :)
I still have many to go through, though. I'd better start picking up the pace or you guys may stop waiting around for my post, huh?
Or have you already given up on me..?

I wonder if this has anything to do with why I liked it so much? teehee


Cat said...

official soda of disneyland? Crazy!

CandB Young said...

No we haven't given up. Cool info about D-land and LOL from the "no juice" comment. Glad this one was tasty, one out of four ain't bad.