Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I couldn't believe that it has only been 2 months since we last posted. It seems like a lot more. First it was because of the computer not working, then the time it took to purchase a new one, then the time to relearn the whole mess. But here I am.

Today, Nora and I went shopping, something that we have not done alot of lately. Afterward we watched the sunset in our favorite spot. When we returned we found Tom in the garage. Moving things around, oh me. But it worked out.

So here it is my big return to our Blog. Hopefully you haven't given up on us. More Sunday Photos to come for sure.


Tammy said...

glad you're back! thanks for your phone call a while back. we are moving back home this weekend! woohoo!

Cat said...

welcome back to the blog-osphere!