Saturday, September 27, 2008

As promised!

Yay Disneyland! I find it funny how I went three times this summer within like a month and a half and I still would love to go back again any old time soon if I could.(as in had the $$) haha

So my third trip was taken with B & C, and Dad, we had a good day other than it being very very hot, but luckily Disneyland has lots of places to hide out from the heat for a while so we made it. heh

So now its picture time!

The day was started with some yummy mickey pancakes and healthy dose of syrup!

As well as some good slapstick comedy! (No I didn't actually poke him in the eye!)


After surviving some bad jokes in the jungle, going back in time, putting our lives in the hands of Ben's crazy adventurous driving and few other fun  things...

We had some lunch!

Er..I mean we had a snack! heh

After running around the island we cooled off with a nice mint julip! Yummy!

Aww like home!

Catherine was kind enough to remove something from Emperor Zurgs teeth. 

Aww Ariel.
Big band and swing dancing at the Carnation Plaza. :]
Sea of legs. Whoo did we got fast.
And a good day was had by all!
PS Sorry for getting a little lazy towards the end...blogger wasn't being my friend...haha


Cat said...

That sure was a fun post! And I love the new look. And the header photo is hilarious and adorable.

jenibug said...

Nice job! It's nice to see a few pictures of the day sometimes, instead of ALL of them! I got a better feel of what the day was like for you guys!

CandB Young said...

Yay! You did it! That was a fun post and captured the day well. I agree with you though. I too feel like I could go back "any old time." I keep thinking we're due for another visit, like there's another day on the card, and then realize there's not and get kinda' sad. But we have our blogs and pictures to remind us of all the fun times at D-land.