Monday, October 28, 2013

Lodge Happenings

In fun news we have a new addition to our feline family. 
We think she's a drop off cat, since she was just sauntering down our driveway as we were out saying goodbye to company. She appears to be about 4 months old so kept her for the night to keep her safe from coyotes and at the moment she's still with us, she's a very good lizard catcher so we'll see how things go as she continues to grow. 
I go outside and play with her once or twice a day and its been really fun exercise while I'm still healing. :) 

Also fun is when Anna comes to visit and the two of them wander around the yard and play like they're lifelong buddies!
 Her name at the moment is Roxie 'cause she's got moxie!! :)

Uh oh shoe lost!

Good good buddies!

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