Saturday, January 7, 2012

Good Bye Christmas

Well, as I write this, I am surrounded by the boxes of Christmas Past. At least that what they are today. A few weeks ago, the were the Boxes of Christmas Future. Funny what a few weeks does to your perspective. It always amazes me how much fun it is to look at our Christmas stuff when the boxes first come out. A lot of our Christmas stuff was washed away in the flood, but what we had used that year was ok, dirty but ok. It makes me really happy to see these old friends. As I was taking ornaments off the tree this year, I notice some spot on a Donald Duck ornament. Upon closer inspection it was.....MUD. I couldn't help but chuckle. They all have been washed, scrub ed, etc. Yet here was mud. It truly was a joy to sit there on the couch, and once again clean this ornament. My mind can't help but wander to the days after to flood, when so much was being done at once, you don't really even know what your doing. But here our 5th Christmas back in the house, I had all the time I needed to clean poor old Donald, and I thank him for reminding me how far we have come.

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