Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where did I go? Let me tell you.

Today my friend Erin came into town. I brought you the camera. Can you tell where we went?
Actually these photos got put in backwards so the first photo is on the bottom. We were driving thru the In N Out line getting sodas, and for some reason this "available" just caught my eye. So cheers to those of you who got that one.
We were on our way to the beach, Erin has been in Colorado for a while so she wanted to see the beach. When we got there I saw what she called her "Las Vegas special" pedicure. So since it was on the beach it to got snapped.
Of course the big red ball is the 2 story Target. She had not seen a Target quite like that and especially enjoyed the shopping cart escalators. But the funniest moment there was when I was telling her about some new shoes I got for myself. A wedge thong! We both got a good chuckle out of that one, even the other lady in the aisle who could remember when thongs were flip-flops.
Last but not least, this was a restaurant in the harbor by the Port Authority. One more time to guess.


Karen said...

Get Nicki! Well, let's see. I'm not too sure of the first photo ... But thenyou went to the new two story Target then on for a pedi or just on to the beach, and of course you had to stop by In and Out Burgers in Ventura. (that's the old Hungry Hunter building in the photo.) What a fun day!!

Nora said...

The first place seemed so familiar its funny that I haven't been there. haha The 2nd is of course Target. Third is the beach. And Forth is the now empty resturant by In-In-Out that we think they should buy and turn into a park. Yay!