Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh, dry those tears.

Isn't this a cute picture? I liked it for many reasons. First, it is a vintage trading card from Weber's Bread wrappers. We wanted to share a few of these from time to time. They came from Tom's Mom. They were quite fun to look at, and the graphics are just so cute.
But also it seemed fitting for the times we are living in.

Here is a little girl, with her slice of bread. Apparently having dropped her bread feels all is lost. But when displayed this way, we can easily see, that all is really OK. If she can, dry her tears. She could see here piece of bread is still there, still attainable. But maybe its the pig that she is crying over. Who could blame her for that. But if she could look and see the whole situation, the pig hasn't even begun to nibble on it.
Yep, I see this as a reminder to watch our slices of bread carefully, and yet if all else fails, just share it. Dry your tears and be happy.

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