Monday, December 15, 2008

Ready For Christmas?

Hmm. I think not. But I must admit that the weather has helped in getting the mind ready immensely. We did however do something different this year. We packed up the boxes last year really well. So this year once a week a box or two, come down and we sort of play with it. This has helped with my overwhelm anxiety I would get seeing all the boxes come down at once.

This year we will have company from Michigan. Tom's Brother Rob, and his wife Yvonne. Here for about 10 days. That should be fun. Making cookies, sitting around the fireplace. Of course to them our 60 degree days would be a warm day to them. Why stay indoors? Boy you do get used to where you live huh. We also add a birthday to the celebration. Rob's Birthday is Dec 24, so we hope to have fun on that day as well.

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