Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy February 29th~

I can't remember why we have leap years. I know I knew at one point, and I know I thought it was strange then as well. I guess I'll have to look it up again. But none the less happy once every four years day! hah I was contemplating that though eariler today and I realized that the last Leap Year, four years ago, was 2004, my senior year in High School!! Then I felt really old. haha I tried to remember what I might have been doing on that special dissappearing day, but my memories from before the flood have become a little fuzzy so I went searching for my journal from that year but I can't find it! Although I probably was too busy or stressed with school to write at that time, but still it bothers me because it just seems to add to how everytime I try to post so far it comes out a bit pointless. Just hasn't been my week - hopefully I'll get a rhythm down over the next few weeks, Mom seems to be pretty focused though, eh? So at least the start of this blog isn't a totally bust. haha Okay I'll stop self bashing, its just so easy to do in writing sometimes, 'especially on a blog, which can become rant city if you let it. hahaha I apolgize now though, I ALWAYS ramble. haha
So anyway enjoy this odd day, which I'm hoping is my unlucky day, 'cause then I wouldn't have to deal with another one again for another four years! Whooo!
I always feel bad for kids born on this day - always a cool scifi plot though.

Until next update!


jenibug said...

I liked how you put that, "A special disappearing day". I'm glad I'm not working in the tax office this year, because I'd always have to remember to enter 02/29/08 everytime I was doing something in the computer for February!

Cat said...

OR THE PIRATES of Penzance!! :)